Thank you SO much to our community for your continued support. We've set up a loyalty card to help you grow your Isla de Gar collection with a bit of fun and rewards.

How it works:
When you place an order we’ll include a Loyalty Card with your shipment. We’ll send you a sticker for each bag purchased. *Canvas Tote Bag does not qualify for a sticker to be added to your loyalty card. All purchases must be made using the same email address.

When you purchase your 3rd Bag:
We have a record of how many bags purchased from each customer, so once you place your third order, we’ll include a free tote bag when we send out your order.

When you purchase your 5th Bag:
You’ll receive a personal discount code to get 50% off your next bag (full price items only). Can only be used once. This can be used on all bags across the website. This code will be sent inside your 5th bag delivery.

When you purchase your 8th Bag:
Once you purchase your 8th bag (thanks SO much btw), please write in the order notes the colour Hive or Cocoon that you’d like to receive for free. Please note this includes the satin Hive (not crossbody style) and Cocoons only.

If you already qualify for a discount or free bag, please contact and we’ll check your account and send this out accordingly. One loyalty card per customer/email address.

Terms and Conditions
Loyalty cards are valid for the following bag styles listed on our website: Cocoon, Hive (Crossbody, Feathers, Satin and Cord), Nest, Squid, Scallop, Clam and Oyster.

This does not include Canvas Tote bags. 

Gift cards do not count as a purchased product, however if you have used a gift card to pay for a bag this will be used towards your loyalty card.

Our records of sales are final and accurate and can not be disputed.

After purchasing 8 bags as per the list above you will receive a free 9th bag. This will be a satin Hive or Cocoon only from the currently available colours on

The loyalty card can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

Shipping and customs charges are paid by the customer.

All orders must be made using the same email address. 

If a loyalty card is lost or stolen Isla de Gar is not responsible for replacement. 

Can only be used on orders placed through our website.

With your 10th bag you will be issued with a new loyalty card.