The Strap Drop Help Page

This page is here to help you decide which strap drop length is best for you.

Please note, we've recently introduced a third, longer strap drop. 'Regular' is our old 'Long', and 'Long' is our new longer length.

From left to right we are wearing short, regular and long, always the same strap drop, sitting differently on each of us.

Models' sizes from left to right:
Bella: 5"3, UK 6, 30B
Emma: 5"10, UK 8, 30DD
Jess: 5"7, UK 18-20, 36G

Please note that when you receive your bag, the crossbody strap will appear shorter than what is written below. The strap has been woven to drop to its correct length after a few wears and once contents are put inside.