the collaboration

Isla de Gar x Liu

From customer to collaborator. We’ve been reposting Liu’s content since she bought her first bag in November 2021.

So when Team IDG started having conversations about if we were to collaborate with someone on a collection, who would it be with, Liu was at the top of all our lists. It all clicked into place when, the week later, she messaged us asking the same thing.

From a desire to highlight the intricate spiral that starts all of Isla de Gar bags, combined with Liu’s amazing eye for colour, love of layering textures and infectious energy, the Isla de Gar x Liu collection is a reflection of our personalities.

Bottoms Up

With 6 colourways, featuring 2 colours each, some clashing, some compatible, this is a new take on our top selling bag, the Hive Crossbody.

The colour of the handle contrasts against the crossbody strap and the bag’s body, until you get to the base. There, the handle colour is repeated to show off the spiral where all Isla de Gar bags begin.